Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini

Hear the most popular opera in North America, full of Puccini’s sumptuous music interwoven with Japanese motifs.  This heartbreaking tale of love, self-delusion & betrayal takes place in Nagasaki in the early 1890s.  A young geisha (Cho-Cho-San) deserted by her husband (Pinkerton), a U.S. Naval Officer, chooses to die honorably, rather than suffer in shame after learning of the betrayal.  Special moments include:  the soaring Act One Love Duet, and the Act 2 sighting of Pinkerton’s ship and joyous Flower Duet where the fragrance of Spring is released as flower petals are strewn everywhere.

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The Madame Butterfly image was painted by artist Gail Zavala of Martinez, CA.  (Usage permission granted to Verismo Opera by artist).  We extend thanks to her for use of this image.  Prints of this beautiful image and other fine art work by her may be purchased at 

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Madama Butterfly Gallery 2015, Verismo Opera Last Updated on 2017-03-19 17:48:39 These are photos that were taken during Verismo Opera's 2015 production of Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini.  The photographers are Marsha Sims, Bernard Haisch and Melissa Mallory More »
Madama Butterfly Production List Last Updated on 2015-02-16 00:32:50 Madama Butterfly Cast List Madama Butterfly:  Melody King, Melissa Mallory, Leslie Schipa, Jennifer Thuman Suzuki:  Carol Hoover, Claudia Landivar, Marsha Sims, Rachel Warner Pinkterton: Zoltan DiBartolo, Mark Narins, Carmello Tringali Sharpless:  Don Hoffman, Joe Kinyon, Chris Wells, Steve Zimmerman Goro: Miguel Evangelista, James Gee Bonze: Matthew Pierce, Thomas Leidenthal Yamadori:  Thomas Leidenthal, Matthew Pierce, Stephen Miller Commissioner: Stephen Miller, Marsha Sims, Frederick Winthrop Kate: Kate Bolton Schmuckler, Lyssa Livingston, Tereza Marshall, Cristin Williams Trouble: Avery Appleby, Savannah Eiess, Ava Marchiel, Patrick Ewart Chorus: Claudia Landivar, Lyssa Livingston, Tereza Marshall, Terese Lukenbill, Marsha Sims, Nancy Schrock, Cristin Williams, Pamela Tibbitts Verismo Opera Orchestra Nancy Hunt, flute; Michael Crane, flute; Samantha... More »
Madama Butterfly 2015 Performances Last Updated on 2015-01-19 21:30:19 Bay Terrace Theater (with Mira Theatre Guild), 51 Daniels Avenue, Vallejo, CA 94590 Brown Paper Tickets or call (707) 864-5508, Tickets $25 (general) $18 (seniors/students) $12 (under 12 yrs.) BUY TICKETS February 14 (Saturday 7:30pm) February 15 (Sunday 2:00pm) February 21 (Saturday 7:30pm) February 22 (Sunday 2:00pm) February 26 (Thursday 7:30pm) Special Family Night, staged with piano, all tickets sold at door $10, children under 12 free February 28 (Saturday 7:30pm) March 1 (Sunday 2:00pm) March 5 (Thursday 7:30pm) Special Family Night, staged with piano, all tickets sold at door $10, children under 12 free March 7 (Saturday 7:30pm) March 8 (Sunday 2:00pm) March 14 (Saturday 7:30pm) March 15 (Sunday 2:00pm)   More »