Faust by Charles Gounod

Dealing with the devil is risky business – lots of details.  Wealth, power, youth, love — Faust wants it all and Mephistopheles lets him have it in return for his immortal soul.  Unfortunately, when you deal with the devil, everyone loses as Faust learns when he seduces the innocent Marguerite, kills her brother and then drives Marguerite to madness. This is a diabolically high price to pay.  The opera by Charles Gounod, based on Goethe’s famous classic, is one of the most popular ever written and is full of melodious, memorable music.

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Ticket and Performance Information Last Updated on 2015-10-08 01:37:56 Bay Terrace Theater (with Mira Theatre Guild), 51 Daniels Avenue, Vallejo, CA 94590 Brown Paper Tickets or call (707) 864-5508, Tickets $30 (general) $20 (seniors), $17 (students) free (under 12 yrs.) BUY TICKETS August 15 (Saturday 7:30pm) August 16 (Sunday 2:00pm) August 22 (Saturday 7:30pm) August 23 (Sunday 2:00pm) August 29 (Saturday 7:30pm) August 30 (Sunday 2:00pm) September 5 (Saturday 7:30pm) September 6 (Sunday 2:00pm) September 12 (Saturday 7:30pm) September 13 (Sunday 2:00pm) September 19 (Saturday 7:30pm) September 20 (Sunday 2:00pm)   More »
Faust Production List Last Updated on 2015-10-08 01:37:15 Faust Cast and Conductor List Conductors:  Ari Bocian, Michael Moran Faust:  Darron Flagg, Carmelo Tringali, Frederick Winthrop Marguerite:  Adina Dorband, Marisa Lenhardt, Erina Newkirk, Eliza O'Malley, Diane Squires Mephistopheles:  Ben Brady, Don Hoffman, Mark Nelson, Matthew Pierce Valentin:  Julio Ferrari, Steven Zimmerman Siebel:  Katia Hayati, Lyssa Livingston, Cristin Williams, Anna Yerlizarova Martha:  Kate Bolton-Schmuckler, Suzanne Fischer, Dee Hoover, Marsha Sims Wagner: Stephen Miller, Marsha Sims, Roger Smith Ladies and Gentlemen of the Chorus:   Emily Crawford, Suzanne Fischer, Dee Hoover, Lyssa Livingston, Terese Lukenbill, Robert McIvor, Stephen Miller, Nancy Schrock, Marsha Sims, Roger Smith, Pamela Tibbitts, Cristin Williams, Frederick Winthrop Production Team Stage Director:  Frederick Winthrop Assistant Stage... More »