Carmen by Georges Bizet

Hear songs you’ve heard all of your life on the radio, TV, and the movies.  Carmen is drenched with passion, love, and violence, set during the turbulent Spanish Civil War, in the city of Seville.  The seductive Carmen lures Don José away from his fiancée and his regiment. His lust for the fiery gypsy soon turns to madness when Carmen’s unfaithful ways lead her to fall for the dashing toreador, Escamillo. Will Carmen cause the downfall of all men who cross her path or will she meet a fateful end?

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Carmen Cast and Production List Last Updated on 2017-05-22 17:32:58 Carmen Cast Carmen: Rachel Deatherage, Michelle La Jeunesse, Susan Thieme, Yuliya Zinovieva Don Jose: Senen Bagos, Josh Bongers, Mark Narins, Frederick Winthrop Micaela: Cecilia Cai, MacKenzie Covington, Erina Newkirk, Diane Squires Escamillo: Stephen Miller, Jay E. Serpas, Roger Smith, Steve Zimmerman Morales: James Gee, Stephen Miller Frasquita: Kat Cornelius, MacKenzie Covington, Cristin Williams Mercedes: Tracy DesCombes, Amber Marsh, Jessica Winn El Remendado: Peter Tedeschi Dancairo: Dee Hoover, Marsha Sims Zuniga: Norman Espinoza, Steve Zimmerman Chorus: Elizabeth Butler, Kat Cornelius, MacKenzie Covington, Tracy DesCombes, Dee Hoover, Amber Marsh, Robert McIvor, Marsha Sims, Pamela Tibbitts, Cristin Williams, Jessica Winn, Frederick Winthrop Supernumerary: Gary Wendt-Bogear Production Team Conductor: Michael Moran Stage Directors: Mellisa Mallory, Frederick... More »
Carmen Performance and Ticket Information Last Updated on 2017-04-11 00:35:47 Bay Terrace Theater (with Mira Theatre Guild), 51 Daniels Avenue, Vallejo, CA 94590 Brown Paper Tickets or call (707) 864-5508, Tickets $25 (general) $20 (seniors and students), children under 12 yrs. free. BUY TICKETS May 27 (Saturday 7:30pm) May 28 (Sunday 2:00pm) June 3 (Saturday 7:30pm) June 4 (Sunday 2:00pm) June 10 (Saturday 7:30pm) June 11 (Sunday 2:00pm) June 17 (Saturday 7:30pm) June 18 (Sunday 2:00pm) June 24 (Saturday 7:30pm) June 25 (Sunday 2:00pm) More »