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Das Rheingold Performance Information

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Das Rheingold by Richard Wagner

Verismo Opera Presents Das Rheingold by Richard Wagner

Tickets & information: Pacific Performances (650) 335-1882, Mira Theatre (707) 552-0400, Hillside Club 707-864-5508
Stage Director, Frederick Winthrop and Conductor, Michael Shahani
Piano and Chamber Orchestra

Das Rheingold begins on an E-flat chord on the banks of the Rhine, where three lovely maidens guard the sacred river's magical gold. The shrewd dwarf Alberich, enraged by the Rhinemaidens’ scorn, steals the precious metal and forges a ring that gives its bearer unimaginable power. The struggle for its possession drives the amazing Ring Cycle, in which the stakes—control of the entire world—could not be higher.



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