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Donate to Verismo Opera

You can really help Verismo Opera by making a donation!  Our goal is to make opera accessible to the public at reasonable prices through a community effort of professional musicians and singers.  Ticket sales only cover a fraction of the cost of a production, so we rely on generous people like you to help us make up the difference.  Verismo Opera is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so all of your donations are tax-deductible, as permitted by law.  Either donate through PayPal via the donate button below or send checks, made payable to Verismo Opera to:

Verismo Opera
523 Mountain Meadows Dr.
Fairfield, CA 94534

Thank you so much for your generosity!


Donors 2012-2016

Greg and Gail Allison, Robin, Arie-Donch, Mary Baxter, Anita Bigger, Marilyn Blake, John and Vicki Carr, Diane Choquette, Diana Dorman, Teresa Ellis and Michael Nadler, Mila Evangelista, Patrick Ewart, Tonia Foster, Dave and Buff Fleming, Tonia Foster, Allysta France, Julia Frank, Stephen Gaertner, Patricia Gatz, Genevieve Giblin, Teresa Gjertsen, Regina Graves, Dick Hague, Jacqui and Jan Halson, Karol Heppe, Katherine Hitchcock, Beverly Hurd, Frederick James, Pauline Jan, Beatrice and Starling Kay, Vernon Kherian, Anna Knox, Robert and Donna Lawson, Laura Levin, Vivian Lily, Sascha Lin, Peter Lomhoff, Cherry Lopez, MSCI Inc., John Murray, Marion Panzer, Ann L. Preston, Carmen Rafael, Thomas Reid, Theresa Schrieber, Renee Sheehan, Judith Sieh, Babette Squire, Jane Stallings, Bruce Suehiro, Priscilla and Stephen Tedesco, John Tozer, Chris Wallace, Helga Wallace, Deborah Ward, Kathy Wildemuth, Richard H. Wilmer, Andy and Florence Wong, Sho-Chen Wu, Denise Young

Friend $75+
Cris and Evelyn Banaban
Bonnie Bernhardt
Jacqueline Bocian
Carol Delton and Steve Zolno
Dave and Buff Fleming
Louis and Birgitte Fisher
Fredric and Sandra Gey
Alan and Nadine Goodban
Robert Lane
Marty Nemko
Paul and Diane Reeve
Mary MacCready and Melvyn Wright
Edwin Tallyn

Associate Patron $200+
Charles Bouril
Beorgia Buehl DeBarr (In memory of St. General Louis H. Buehl, US. Marine Corp)
Andrea Chung
East Bay Community Foundation
Samantha Fordyce and Bill Swartzman
Regina Graves
Richard and Elizabeth Kinyon
Suzanne Kleiman
Marisa Lenhardt
Vivian Lily
Sascha Lin
D. G. Mitchell
Ellen Robey
Barbara Robben
Nancy Schrock
Ellen Robey
Rachel Warner
Ellen Yeung
Nancy Yingst

Patron $500+
Carolyn and Stan Caires
Jennifer der Torossian
Susan Ginsky
Dee Hoover
Paul Ligda
Stephen Miller
Andrew Ross
Rachel Warner

Angel $1,000+
Anonymous 2
Maryam Asgari
Ari Bocian
Rick and Joanne Bogart
Eloise Bouye
Michael and Pam Crane
Vismaya Lhi
Robert McIvor
Michael Moran
Nancy Schrock
Michael and Leona Shahani
Sing for America (Courtesy of Pamela Tibbitts and Nancy Schrock)
Chris Wells
Cristin Williams

Angel $2,000+
Littler Mendelson Foundation
Leona Shahani

Angel $4,000+
Bernard Haisch and Marsha Sims
Eliza O'Malley

Angel $5,000+
Stephen Tedesco and Pamela Tibbitts

Archangel  $10,000+
Arrillaga Foundation
Mike and Becky O'Malley

Frederick Winthrop



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