Verismo Opera depends on donated services, goods and cash gifts in order to survive. You can help in a number of ways that will have real impact on the continued fiscal health of the company. Our goal is to make opera accessible to the public at reasonable prices through a community effort of professional musicians and singers. Ticket sales only cover a fraction of the cost of a production, so we rely on generous people like you to help us make up the difference. We are a non-profit 501(c)3, so you can write your donation off on your taxes.

You may write a donation check made out to Verismo Opera and send it to: Verismo Opera, 2501 Carquinez Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530 or you may donate through PayPal:


All donations made between 10/4/22 and 10/23/22 will be matched by the Verismo Opera Board up to $2000.

Donations 2022

Ellen Blakey
Melissa Bandong Bowman
Natasha Collier
Roger Corman
Anne Cottrell
Eric Coyne
Liliane Cromer
Michael and Pamela Crane
Courtney Daniels
Barbara Fairbanks
Ron Fujie
Baruch Gould
Lisa Guinn
Ross Halper
Barbara Kiehn
Kitt Lee
David Manley
Kay and Carol A. McKenzie
Marlene Miller
Stephen Miller
Michael Moran
Eliza O'Malley
Brent Peterson
Jennifer Rineman
Flora Russ
Marsha Sims and Bernard Haisch
Donald Gene Sterkel
Rachel Warner
Chris Wells
Cristin Williams
Steve Zimmerman

California Nonprofit Performing Arts Grant Program

Donations 2021

Maryam Asgari
Jonathan Bartlett
Ellen Blakey
Obdulio Butler
California COVID Relief
Mike Crane
Courtney Daniels
Nancy Hunt
Kristin Lund
Stephen Miller
Michael Moran
Eliza O'Malley
Marsha Sims
Claire Siverson
Ellen St. Thomas
Kimberly Twesme
Chris Wells
Cristin Williams
Rachel Warner
Nancy Yingst
Steve Zimmerman