Voices of Verismo 2022



Saturday and Sunday October 1st and 2nd, 1:00 pm

Alden Park Bandstand , Mare Island, Vallejo


Vallejo Waterfront Weekend

  1. “All’erta! All’erta!” Ferrrando, the captain of the guards, orders the castle attendants to keep guard while the Count wanders restlessly beneath the windows of Leonora, lady-in-waiting to the Princess.

  2. The Roma sing the Anvil chorus to welcome the dawn. “Stride la vampa”Azucena, the daughter of the Roma burnt by the Count, is still haunted by her duty to avenge her mother. “Condotta ell’era in ceppi” The Roma break camp while Azucena confesses to her son Manrico that after stealing the di Luna baby she had intended to burn the Count's little son along with her mother, but overwhelmed by the screams and the gruesome scene of her mother's execution, she became confused and threw her own child into the flames instead.

  3. “Di quella pira” When news of Azucena's capture reaches Manrico, he summons his soldiers and desperately prepares to attack.

  4. “Misere” … “Tu vedrai che amore in terra” Leonora approaches the tower where Manrico is being kept prisoner and makes plans to secure his release.

  5. “Mira di acerbe lagrime” Leonora makes a bargain with the Count to ensure that Manrico will be set free.


Mary Archer, Senen Bagos (Manrico 10/1), Ellen Blakey, Obdulio Butler, Natasha Collier (Leonora 10/1), Mike Crane, Liliane Cromer (Azucena 10/2), Mary Garasa, Ross Halper (Manrico 10/2), Dee Hoover (Roma 10/2), Audrey Howitt, Nancy Hunt, Natasha Kung (Leonora 10/2), Mara Lane, Delmar McComb (Manrico 10/2), Stephen Miller (Ferrando), Gerardo Moreno, Michael Moran (Conductor), Eliza O'Malley (Leonora), Brent Peterson (Roma 10/1), Jennifer Rineman, Lowell Silverman, Mayumi Takarabe, Ellen St. Thomas (Azucena 10/1), Heather Waid, Rachel Warner (Azucena 10/2), Chris Wells (Count 10/2), Cristin Williams, Steve Zimmermann (Count 10/1)